Hello:) Im Nikki Zabicki- Yes this is my real name; it rhymes Nikki Za bicki. I am a life long 3rd generation painter born and raised in New Mexico . Eight years ago I was at a turning point in my life and was leaning on my talents as an artist for refuge from my day to day life. At this time I was getting a lot of feed back from the tight knit community of Albuquerque New Mexico that people would purchase my artwork if they could afford it. After a lot of experimentation, I developed a unique process of making durable little one of a kind paintings on belt buckles. My buckles are collaged and hand painted or hand silk screens of my original art work with a resin or bar top finish on top of them, making them durable and easy to retain there finish after years and years of ware. The buckles were a big hit from the very begining in my community, and allowed me to blossom into a prominent local artist. I sell my buckles at three prominent local stores in Albuquerue NM and was an established craftswomen at the Albuquerque Downtown Growers market for four years as well as many other enchanting out door art festivals. During this time I collected an eray of customers/fan/friends that would get buckles for birthday gifts, graduation gifts, wedding gifts, going away presents, congratulation presents, and awards- you name it and I have made a buckle for it. This connection with my community brought me to do various custom wall pieces to mark peoples celebratoral events in their lives. My artwork is all based in love, color and texture, and these elements combined make images that are meant for people of all age to bond with and make apart of there everyday lives. My man and I recently moved out of the big city into an old car dealership buildiing in a small town in northern New Mexico so we could concentrate on our work and expand our clientel to out side of New Mexico. I do not have any reviews on etsy yet because I’m new, but please check out my facebook there is a few thousand customers on there that have given my products rave reviews! Please feel free to contact with any questions or custom orders- Thanks For visiting my shop!

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